Odyssey of a Tusk

by Robert McNamara

Imagine a room
Where flowers grew

Away from this
Barren arctic waste

Where we descend like
Dangling eyeburst

Thru lonely walks
Of blunt brisk air

Boo-hoo I cannot
Feel my bones

Boo-hoo I cannot
See my eyelids

Boo-hoo I cannot
Feel like Squid

I cannot quack
Like Duck

O woe! I seethe
On the icy shores

Spraying my breath
Upon taupe sky

A weepy walrus
Wetting his face

Solitude interrupted
By a daydream

I wallow in mire
And sniff the surf

I blow savage yowls
To the briny mist

I flap my paws
At darkling heaven

I spread my tusks
Like raven wings

And fly-swim thru
The understuff sea

What woe it is
To see what I have seen

O woe it is
To know oneself grotesque

Lurking alone
Wishing to drown

Imagine a realm of
Friendly basking mammals

Boo-hoo boo-hoo
Imagine a room in you

Like that good old one
Called home

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