Mohegan Sun Christmas

(To the tune of ''Winter Wonderland'')

by Joe ''King'' Lee

Wait: It's outer
I could use
Me some powder
So lost in this haze
For several days
Ever since I dropped that thirty grand

I can smell
Something viscous
Hard to stand:
No meniscus
Just banging around
Acting the clown
Shit, I think I just puked in my hands

Through the gauze of memory I see her
Ferrying Macallans on a tray
After six my sixes looked like sevens
One hot poker took it all away

If I wait
One more hour
Will empower
A bright, brand new day
Wipes limits away
Grinning Bandit, can't you understand?

Dreams of laying down in fields of heather
No fluorescent lights to guide my way
Where'd you go my Sacheen Littlefeather?
Drew me deep into your world of play

Ugly suit
Doesn't fit me
Helps me sneak
On the Jitney
All sleepy and dry
Be back in July
What the fuck -- at least I'll have a tan

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