A Very PC Christmas

by Joshua Farber

The big news in my little town
is that the ''Christmas Tree'' is down.
In the place where it once grew
a ''Holiday Tree'' sprouts anew.

What harm does one denomination
do to this, our little station
in the woods that we have got?
Apparently, a lot.

And so we pass our friends and say,
''A Very Happy Holiday''
And wish each other when we're meetin'
''A Happy Winter Season's Greetings''

Here in our little town, you see,
We've fallen to the tyranny
Of the sensitivity
Of the new world of PC.

No one likes it, by the way.
But now at least we all can say
We tried to make the world all mended --
And now we're equally offended.

Some refuse to enter shops
That do not think their god is tops.
Others tear down every trace
of tinsel in each public place.

And creches? They're now taboo.
Even at the churches you
Can see our value-neutral friezes
where once slept the baby Jesus.

Where do I fall in this fray?
It's safer if I do not say
Except to point out, in my turn,
that one day, surely, we'll ALL burn.

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