Nearing Another Solstice

by G. Nash

FLYING this brand new Mercedes sled-a-roo
fast upon the neighborhood and through
narrow roads, by double-wide driveways
blinded by these holidazed mores:

We got Frosty the Snowman hanging with the Magi
and Santa bringing gifts to the reborn baby Jesus
There re reindeer and elves crashing the nativity scene
with the inflatable holy family on their knees

among battered nutcracker soldiers, weathered candy canes,
jellied outdoor lights, and neon fireplaces flickering flames,
artificial look-alike snowflakes, illuminated wreathes galore
tied with plastic holly and yellowed ribbons celebrating war

Throughout the land brightly wrapped mega packages
bounce away on clipped and pesticided suburban lawns
ga_rlanded and dotted with wire-mesh silver-glo fawns
Houses hung with mass-produced icicles trickling voltages

Ho, ho! Expendable incomes -- our culture's in its dotage
with Earth in pieces, and e-Bay'd x-boxes to all!

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